Poems by Eamon George Nelson




A Birthday Poem


by Eamon George Nelson



One Two, Three Four, Five Six, Sev'n Eight, Nine Ten;


Methinks my mind be but a boggy fen.


To think this aging world must pass away,


Is heart-ache 'nough to make a verser pray.



Yet how approach my God the very day


He chose to bless this world with Faith's birthday?


Ten thousand prayers would be to no avail,


For joy in Faith must make all sorrow fail.



Yea, beauty such as Faith's doth ne'er appear,


Except when God so choose to banish Fear.


This then remains my only fear to weigh:


Mine eyes might not be graced by Faith each day.



O woe to me that such a fate be mine;


That I munch husks enmired with Faithless swine.


I will return to my father this day;


In Faith is feast for which all men do pray.



Yet Faith, alas, must one day fade away;


A withered leaf though still in flow'r today.


As trees grow rings this day doth line her train;


So regal now but, added to, a chain.



The angels weep to view her graded plight;


One of their own doth vanish in their sight.


How can this have become a day of dread,


When through her birth sheer joy to man is spread?



Yet in these lines dear Faith shall live for e'er;


And through her progeny shall all still share.


Mine honor as a scribe to 'shrine the word;


I dare not proffer pen to sire blessed herd.



"If all the pens that ever poets held"


Did seek one final virtue by their meld;


Their glorious sum must needs, at length, but say,


"We Love You Faith! Have most happy birthday!"




A Birthday Sonnet


by Eamon George Nelson


(written: 2004; altered: 2015)



Words oft doth fail the laurels of true intent to gain;


I thus confess my pen's inadequacy to that crown.


Faith's fulsome lips defy description, language is but vain;


Yet I press on perchance that even in defeat lies renown.



O for a verbal torch, to pierce this precious pair;


To sow within them the seed of Word of Love.


For they be but the gate and stair,


To Faith's heart, equally all words-above.



The heart is fertile haven to unworthy words of praise;


It seems to understand and cherish ne'er-the-less.


There uttered seed is nourished and sprinkled through its mystic ways;


Bringing forth a tree-of-fruition all to Bless.



Then give birth those lips in poetic victory without remiss,


To the finest couplet e'er yet penned by God or Man: Faith's Most Holy Kiss!




A Poem


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2010)



What words are meet for me to sing to glorify my Lord?


What song of praise may sinner sound to manifest true love?


Thy peace which passeth understanding all words doth defy;


Have mercy mighty Father on unworthy as such be I.



Wherefore have not I poem of love to pay Thee for Thy Grace?


Can have become my heart and lips a barren thankless place?


Was it not to thank its maker that this soul was made?


Help me mighty Son of God to phrase an accolade.



In spirit doth the soul express its place of true abode.


In spirit doth the heart reside within its treasure trove.


May Thy Holy Spirit invest all that we say and sing;


Have mercy Holy Ghost upon these penitent hearts we bring.



Father bless us that at the last we come ever to reside with Thee.


Jesus Thou art the Son of God who enlightens all eternity.


Holy Spirit it is Thy gift that we may sing, "Jesus Is the Lord."


O Triune God may all our words, thoughts, and deeds shine and reflect


Thy Holy Word.




Poem: An Easter Anthem


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2012)


Suggested music if sung as hymn:


   Music: Herzlich tut mich verlangen [Passion Chorale] Hans Leo Hassler (1685-1750)


   adapt. and harm. Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)



To thee O God the Father, our anthems we do raise;


For on this Day Eternal, Thou triumphed o'er the grave.


The Cross and three day burial o'er Thee didst hold no pow'r;


Our Saviour Thy Blood was shed to show us to this hour.



To Thee O Son of God, our anthems be addressed;


For through this mortal framework was God made manifest.


The Cross and three day burial o'er Thee didst hold no pow'r;


Our Saviour Thy Flesh was nailed to light us to this hour.



By Thee O Holy Spirit, our anthems are inspired:


For in raising hearts to Thee, our tongues touch cloven fire.


No cross nor any burial o'er Thee hold any pow'r;


The Spirit of God's Love Jesus doth shine to ev'ry hour.



Partake we now Thy Flesh and Blood, once dead yet ris'n for all.


O Mystery of Love revealed, upon thy name we call.


Jesus God of Love and Life we humbly beseech Thee;


Let all hearts die and rise to sing Thy praise eternally.



Father bless us that at the last we come ever to reside with Thee.


Jesus Thou art the Son of God who enlightens all eternity.


It is gift of the Holy Spirit to sing "Jesus Is The Lord."


O Triune God may all our lives shine forth Thy Holy Word.




Poem: Greater Love Hath No Man


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2009)


Suggested music if sung as hymn:


Morning Prayer E.G. Nelson Copyright (2001)



Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for friends.


That Thou didst lay down Thine for all doth surely Love portend.


It ill-bespeaks our wayward tongues to man and Thou compare;


To die for all that all might live; in Love itself we share.



Partake we now Thy flesh and blood once dead yet ris'n for all.


O Mystery of  Love revealed upon Thy name we call.


Jesus God of Love and Life we humbly beseech Thee;


Let all hearts die and rise to sing Thy praise eternally.



In hymn doth hearts arise in Love to own Thee as their Lord.


The poetry of praise we sing; Thy Word is our reward.


In song we celebrate as friends Thy Living Kingdom's Door.


"Alleluia King of Kings," we praise Thee evermore.




Morning Prayer


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2001-9)


Copyright: Words and Music 2001 E. G. Nelson


Words to Stanza 4 written by John Greenleaf Whittier 1838



To glimpse of Thee, by richer far, all lowly sinners be.


For when our fallen state chained us, Thou died to set us free.


We kneel in prayer to humbly ask our hearts abide in Thee.


The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ Almighty.



No treasure is there elsewhere found to steal away our praise.


No evil worldly thoughts of self restrain our loving gaze.


Thy Body nailed, Thy flowing Blood to endless life upraise


Our bruised palms, our healed souls before Thy glorious face.



Salvation's rays stream from that face, Day of Eternity.


No fear of loss for all is gained through loss and gain of Thee.


For even this night are our souls required of we.


For this night, Lord, our day we store; in Jesus Christ we see.



O Spirit of that early day, so pure and strong and true,


Be with us in the narrow way our faithful fathers knew.


Give strength the evil to forsake, the cross of Truth to bear,


And love and rev'rent fear to make our daily lives a prayer!




Poem of Passion


Words: Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676); Stanzas 1,6 and 7 tr. Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930)


E.G. Nelson; Stanzas 2, 5 and 8


(written 2014)


Suggested music if sung as hymn:


Herzlich tut mich verlangen [Passion Chorale], Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612);


adapt. and harm. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)



O sacred head, sore wounded, defiled and put to scorn;


O kingly head, surrounded with mocking crown of thorn:


What sorrow mars thy grandeur? Can death thy bloom deflower?


O countenance whose splendor the hosts of heaven adore!



O bleeding back, sore lashed, upon thy burden foretold;


The world's sin fix't unto thee which was for silver sold!


What pain can yet surpass that thy people slay their God?


Still yet thy cross forgives them rather than strike with rod!



O feet that walked on water, anointed now by nail;


Their precious flowing blood doth make all death to fail:


Is any of us worthy to follow in thy stead?


Help each to tread the blessed path where thy footsteps do lead!



O hands that heal all nations, impaled unto a tree;


That thy reigning pure virtue might flow full visibly:


Have these that made creation deigned this that they might save?


May all blessed to behold them praise thee beyond the grave!



O pierced side of Jesus, all love receives the sword;


Communion and Baptism flows water and the blood:


Doth gall and vinegar tasted from loving deter thee?


The gift of sinner's redemption doth ever runneth free!



In thy most bitter passion my heart to share doth cry,


With thee for my salvation upon the cross to die.


Ah, keep my heart thus moved to stand thy cross beneath.


To mourn thee, well beloved, yet thank thee for thy death.



My days are few, O fail not, with thine immortal power,


To hold me that I quail not in death's most fearful hour;


That I might fight befriended, and see in my last strife


To me thine arms extended upon the cross of life.



O seven wounds of passion, by thee it is we heal;


To trade our warring nature for the true love thou feel.


No heart there is among us, who sees thy scars risen;


Who cries not, "My Lord and my God! Alleluia!" without end.




 Song to the Shepherd


Words: Thomas Ken (1637-1711); Stanza 4


E.G. Nelson, Stanzas 1-3


(written 2014)


Suggested music is sung as hymn:


Old 100th, melody from Pseaumes octante trois de David, 1551, alt.;


harm. after Louis Bourgeois (1510-1561?)



If when, to thee, our hymns we raise,


Our hearts do wend their sep'rate ways;


Think not our hearts are gone from thee:


For they long e'er with God to be.



Thou art the life, the truth, the way,


From which our erring hearts do stray;


Shepherd thy flock returns to thee:


For thy staff rules eternally.



Thus if our thoughts drift far and wide,


Know our hearts still do sin deride;


For if they seem to leave thy Church:


To increase love of thee their search.



Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;


Praise him all creatures here below;


Praise him above, ye heavenly host;


Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.




The Answer


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2010)



Knew Thou afore the Gentiles shouldst Thee scourge and crucify?


Yea, didst foretell upon the third day Thou alive would rise?


Shouldst not Thou then have been serene upon Golgotha's cross?


For what pain fleeting couldst o'erpow'r Thy joy victorious?



Yet Thou cried out, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?"


Yes Thou didst cry, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?"


How was it that Thou felt forsaken upon the Cross foretold?


Shouldst not the thought of life regained have made Thee all more bold?



Or was Thy cry the nature of Thy stiffnecked people led?


Did it say that God-forsaken are those for whom Thou bled?


Hast Thou partak'n our wand'ring way that we, too, might believe?


Through Thee hast our abandonment become our Life received?



Doth prophets tell us over how we do forsake our Lord?


"Where is my wealth, my pride, my leek, my shade-providing gourd?"


"Who shall grave a molten calf that we may frolic about?"


"What new darksome beauty leads us to next adult'rous rout?"



For ages didst all seek Thy grace in gods they did not know?


And dost thou by Thy plaintive cry all ages God bestow?


"Can any good thing come out of Nazareth the city?"


How can it be that I withhold my heart and love from Thee?.



Do transient pains of life make us the Holy Rood forswear?


Didst Thou when all abandoned Thee still yet embrace our fare?


And shouldst Thou ask "Will you my chosen turn away also?"


Eternal Life bids us reply, "Lord, to whom shall we go?"




 The Neighbor


by Eamon George Nelson


(written 2010)



Go And Do Likewise, servants of the Lord.


Is not your neighbor him beside the road?


Forbear not aiding the wounded placed there,


Think how in his place thou wouldst rejoice for the care.



Neighbors choose not by color, cause, or creed.


Neighbors ask only, "Is this poor soul in need?"


Deeds of compassion dost the neighbor tend.


To be doers of such deeds the Lord's chosen he sends.



Dost him with wounds question of thy faith?


Is he not thankful that one perceived his strait?


How can ye pass by him in such distress?


Know ye not that by him ye shall be ever blessed?



Once upon a journey some trav'lers the road didst grace.


There by the wayside the wounded had been placed.


They paused not to offer balm for his health.


Shaking heads in ignorance, they muttered, "Save yourself."



Yet as the wounded heard their indiff'rence;


No bitterness did he return incensed.


As neighbor pausing to help them he did not eschew.


He prayed, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."



Go And Do Likewise, servants of the Lord.


Is not your neighbor him beside the road?


Withhold not mercy to the hurt least placed there.


Think how the greatest shalt rejoice in thy care.




The Remembrance


by Eamon George Nelson


(completed: July 6, 2013 at the Prince Street Cafe)



How oft we long to be amidst that early chosen band;


To see the brutal print of nail upon Thy risen hand.


Yet 'tis our fortune to be favor-ed above the rest;


For through belief, not having seen, we are most highly blessed.



Still yet we yearn to have partak'n that first Most Holy Feast;


To see Thee bless the Blood and Flesh Thou offered for we least.


Yet when recalled Thou shared, "Do This In Remembrance Of Me.";


We now, as they, are Thy true Paschal company.



O to have been among those baptized with the cloven fire;


And seen those flames of Comforter which did new tongues inspire.


Yet when our hymns do lift our hearts with, "Jesus Is The Lord.";


The Pentecostal fire of bliss becomes our great reward.



More still we long to win a place amidst Thine endless glory;


To praise by casting crowns before Thee 'side the crystal sea.


"Whoso Believes Shall Not Perish But Have Eternal Life."


How oft desire doth dim our Faith amidst this earthly strife.



Lord help us to recall Thy words amidst our love of Thee;


"I Am With You Always" does well-bespeak Eternity.


Let us never forget that Thy Remembrance liveth still;


And for us to be always with you be your Holy Will.




 True Love


by Eamon George Nelson


(completed 2013)


Refrain: E.G. Nelson - A variation upon the Descant translated from the Latin by James Quinn (b. 1919) and the refrain by Henry Williams Baker (1821 - 1877)


Refrain: God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



How easily we fall in love with that which we do hate;


And thus ignore those things we love while upon sin we sate.


Superficial beauties do serve to hypnotize the eye;


And inner worth is treated as if it were but a lie.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



If then we be enamoured to those things we do abhor,


To propose unto Satan seems to be our only chore.


Yes marriage with the Devil seems the sole hope we confide;


And Evil stands but ready to make us his willing bride.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



A progeny of vile deeds becomes our heart's sole issue;


A legacy of lesions left to spread our hate anew.


Generations thus are giv'n to carry on this disease;


The payment for what we thought love does end in soul's decease.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



Thus is seen 'twas not True Love with which we these sins embraced;


'Twas false love masked as the true to where our hearts did race.


O that we might fall fast in love with that which is True Love;


We then would love that which we love and be with Christ above.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



Lord Jesus give us hearts that do love Thee forevermore;


Make our deeds the works of virtue from 'midst Thy holy store.


Let our hearts become the Bride of Thee and only Thee;


Though we have erred we now confess we long Thy Bride to be.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



Lord give us hearts in which there only True Love does reside;


Meld our hearts in One Heart where only True Love does abide.


Give us the strength to make Thy Love our Love for all to see;


Reside in our hearts that we may, for e'er, reside with Thee.



God is Love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.



To God the Father of True Love we ever offer praise;


To Jesus Son of True Love we forever hearts upraise.


May co-equal Spirit of True Love thus be for e'er adored;


May we praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost forever more.



God is love and where True Love is Lord Jesus Christ resides.




A Christmas Poem


by Eamon George Nelson


(written December 8, 2015)



Upon their knees they offered the precious gifts they did bring,


To celebrate the humble birth of the Eternal King.


For to this fallen, sinful world,


Recovery thus was given.



To this world Jesus, the most precious gift was given;


He gave his life that all might live forever with him.


He asks only one gift from us;


Our hearts so that he, alone, may dwell therein.



"Not as I will, but as Thou will; on his knees prayed he;


Not as we will, but as Thou will make our lives to be.


May Jesus bless each friend and foe upon this joyous Christmas day,


That all may kneel to give their hearts to loving him without end.






by Eamon George Nelson


(written April 16, 2016)



How many poems doth serve to sing of life lived endlessly?


How many hymns of praise befit the theme eternity?


Thy kingdom founded on pure love doth space and time subdue;


Thus do our hearts both sing and praise love's king forever more.



Numbers therefore do not apply to this thy loving realm;


An ending that always begins beginning without end.


The cross of life, the cross of love, the cross is God's pure way;


One cross, one life, one love, one faith, upon thy word we stay.



If without number be the hymns of praise and songs to thee,


They merge to be but one adoring poem of trinity.


Thy peace which passeth understanding all words doth defy;


May cease we ne'er our praise of thee that e'er in love abide.



If all the pens of praise and song that ever poets held,


In search one final beauteous virtue didst conspire to meld,


Their noble sum of glory must indeed unceasing say,


"Alleluia, King of Kings, to thee we ever pray."




Paradise Lost and Regained


by Eamon George Nelson


(written June 25, 2016)



"O fleeting joys of Paradise, dear bought with lasting woes!"


What painful ransom be the price to pacify these throes?


Would only but a fleeting pain so purchase endless joy;


Freely we should endure the same that virtue didst redeem!



Once long ago upon a hill a fleeting pain was giv'n;


And yet the joys which it did win to this day are living!


This is joy that lasts forever for ransom has been paid;


With such payment joy does banish all evil, pain and woe!



For us to also taste that joy, one crucial fee is ask'd;


Belief in him who paid for us, wins life then everlast.


Belief that he did pay the price, and now in glory lives;


O lasting joys of Paradise, the woes of cross now gives!



O lasting joys of Paradise, dear bought with fleeting woes!


Our Saviour hath thus paid the price to bring peace to these throes!


So it is a fleeting pain hath purchased endless joy;


Freely our hearts endure the same true virtue didst redeem!



Who fathered him who paid the price, all glory now be giv'n.


His son the propitiation, receives all praise in heav'n.


Who is co-equal spirit then, is blessed co-equally.


The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost reign for eternity.




Elijah's Mantle



Words: E. G. Nelson; Stanzas 1,2, and 5


             Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885); Stanzas 3 and 4


             The Holy Year, 1865 (Hymn 6, Stanzas 5 and 6)


(written September 22, 2016)



A double portion of Thy Spirit I do pray of Thee;


That mantle of Thy Virtue might thus twice enrobed me.


So at Love's Second Advent I may stand,


Amidst Thy saved, blessed, chosen band.



Without sin and without seam His Endless Kingdom made;


That He be our Eternal Light wither all need for shade.


Enrobed within Thy E'er- lit Light of Love,


Forever upon us Thy Peaceful Dove.



  "I saw Heaven open'd, I beheld (Rev. 19. 11.)


  One on a White Horse ride,


  Follow'd by Armies out of Heaven


  In white robes glorified;


His eyes like fire, their rays like flaming swords,


His name is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!"



  Such at Thy Second Coming Thou


  Wilt be, at that great Day;


  O help us by Thy Spirit now


  Ill works to cast away,


To walk in Love, as Children of the Light,


And follow Thee in garments pure and white.



Thy vesture dipped in blood then doth all Purity obey;


It is the armour of the Light of Never- ending Day.


Cast off all works that darken Love of God;


Begirt thyself within The Word of God.





Music Sunday



by Eamon George Nelson


(written May 21, 2017)



Be such it were that we so chose with silence receive thee;


Beneath our feet these very stones should raise a psalmody.    (Luke 19:40)


Were not our hearts like unto stones indifferent to God;


They, too, unhardened into hymn should thank thee for Thy Blood.



If stones be capable receive thee with propriety;


Then surely hardened hearts might thus unworthily praise thee.


Were then it such we did so choose thee silently welcome;


Our hearts would cry in joyous praise of God's true loving Son.



We spread our clothes upon the way graced by Thy Majesty's ride;


That we may ever sing with chorus of white-robed crucified.


That ever we may choose to praise with heart and lips of dove;


Upris'n within Thine Endless City of God's Most Holy Love.



All praise then to the Father of Life and Eternal Love.


So too all hymns are due his Ris'n Son of Love.


Belike them praise be sung Co-equal Spirit of Love.


Sing praise to Father, Son and Holy Ghost: Blessed Triune Love.





The Touch of Life



by Eamon George Nelson


written August 19, 2017


(lines 1 and 2 of stanza 3 written by Thomas Dekker in Foure Birdes Of Noah's Arke, 1613)



Dost thou by tongues of  fire to us thy spirit e'er bequeath?


So with one touch we are removed from all thy realm beneath.


Yet here beneath a furtive touch didst quell issue of blood;


While touch of spear didst cause thy side to flow water and blood.



So didst thy word, here beneath, calm storming seas of strife;


And didst thy word, as so thy touch, turn death's evil to life.


As beneath the waves didst sink Peter through his fear;


Thy touch and words, "Be not afraid," to all didst faith endear.



"But let thy faith open her eyes, for shee can behold him:


let thy faith put out her hand, and with the least finger she can touch him."


Here is my heart, let it thee touch, and evermore be thine;


To feast upon the body and blood, touched evermore as thine.



Those hands that touched the bread and wine we nailed unto a tree;


Yet thou forgave, that in believing we might touch and see.


From thy side thy spirit poured in that dread hour of duress;


That by tasting all might see that in Christ we are blessed.



Beneath thy cross, thy church doth pray, to evermore remain.


From all evil, thy church doth pray, to never cease abstain.


Thy touch of life, thy touch of love, be all we yearn to feel;


Touch us Lord for thy hands only hast true power to heal.



Afore thy birth true beauty didst ne'er this fallen world so grace;


Amidst thy life true virtue revealed to us its face.


Upon thy cross didst true love touch each heart to believe;


With thy rising was death subdued by true life e'er received.



All Glory to the Father who didst salvation conceive;


All praise be due his living Son whose wounds are life received.


Like honor to the Holy Ghost that comforting touch didst send;


Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Alleluia without end.